dimanche 13 février 2011

Skein Show

I finally had the chance to take some pictures of my first round of natural dyeing.  There are two skeins of each color shown here.   All of the skeins are my own handspun Shetland or BFL.

Colors from ivy berries, onion skins and St. John's wort.

The ivy berry bath.

I mixed two of my exhaust baths to make this soft peachy color.

Both exhaust baths from the onion skins and the St. John's wort flowers.

The St. John's wort flowers had been sitting in a cupboard for at least two years, but they still made a lovely pale mauve dye.  I can't wait to try them again this spring.

St. John's wort flowers.
I actually made three baths with 200g onion skins.  You can find the details in this post.

The second onion skin bath.

The first onion skin bath.

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