samedi 5 novembre 2011


I've just returned from a family vacation to Corsica.  It was our first trip to the granite isle, and I was dumbstruck by the wild beauty of the island.

A wild olive tree
I'm only sorry that I didn't bring some skeins of wool along for dyeing.  There were dye plants everywhere.  It's a dyers paradise.  I saw mushrooms, lichens, eucalyptus trees, olive leaves, wild fennel, pomegranate trees, Holm oaks, and so many others.

Roccapina Beach

The maquis is a mess of aromatic trees and shrubs.  I'm sure many of them are full of dye color.

The maquis
The only thing I spirited home with me was a small sack of windfall lichens. 

Lobaria Scrobiculata?
 I'm sure this wasn't our last trip to Corsica.  I'm already dreaming of camping on the beach and mordanting yarns with sea water.

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