vendredi 21 janvier 2011

Ivy Berry Soup and Wool Noodles

Shetland wool handspun in an alum mordant bath.

The ivy berry "soup".

The ivy berries were collected from Julienne's garden.

The color I was hoping for was a bright yellow green.  What I got was a very pale olive green.  Not a bad color, but not exactly what I was going for. 

Dye Recipe
900g berries and 200g Shetland wool mordanted with alum
I poured about 1litre boiling water over the berries and then let them sit over night
I crushed them the next morning
the dye bath fermented for 24 hrs before being strained though a mesh sieve
wool was placed in a cool dye bath with 6 liters water and half of the ivy berry dye.
wool was cooked at a very low simmer for two hours with minimal change in the color.
heated a second bath with the other half of the ivy berry dye bath
transferred the wool from one dye bath to the other
color became darker, but did not improve after two hours of simmering
took the dye pot off of the heat
I left the wool to steep in the bath over night

I'm going to try again with berries that are very ripe, i.e. completely black and I won't let the dye bath sit for more than the time it takes it to cool down.  Hopefully, I'll find a way to get a color I like. 

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